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iKube is distributed by iGREENS SA under licence of Pro D3 srl.Pro D3 srl is an Italian company founded in 2005 as a design studio, dedicating its resources to the development of solutions connected to the energy supply needs in relation with renewable energy sources.iKube is a Mobile photovoltaic generator ready to use, that can ensure up to 3 kW of power. Designed for the purpose of providing electrical power, in all those areas of the globe not covered by a grid connection and for all uses that require to be able to move its own source of energy. iKube can also operate in the absence of sunshine, offering the advantage of
compactness, absence of noise, absence of smoke and absence of fuel costs.

iGreens SA specialise in Renewable energy technologies. The areas covered are: Photovoltaics, Solar heaters, Small & medium size wind turbines, Hydraulic turbines, UPS, Autonomous power kits, Electric vehicles, the Glutton, Charging stations, Carports and more.